Wedding Invitation Samples – 10 places to get them

June 3, 2020


small note about these 10 places to get wedding invitation samples…
some of these websites may require you to pay for shipping… that’s about it! 

Wedding Invitation Samples and where do you get them?

Let’s talk about wedding invitations and wedding invitation samples! Hopefully you’ll get an idea of what you like!

The wedding industry is HUGE!!! Everyone knows this. When you commit to a having a wedding you are committing to take a journey and adventure into a 70+ billion dollar industry! YOUCH!!

Surprisingly, the average cost of wedding invites has remained steady within the past couple of years!  It has stayed, somewhat steady between $300 – $700 for 100 invitations.  Albeit, just so you know, this is just bare minimum – meaning invitation and response card! 

Of course, there is always the opposite side of the spectrum. You can easily spend up to $5-6K on trendy, unique, beautiful, gorgeous one-of-a-kind invitations as well. Custom samples are now all a rage! 

Without a doubt, shop around! Know what you want to include in your wedding invites and the least amount of custimization the cheaper it will be. 

Average prices of wedding invitation in 2020 >>

Technological advancements and cookie cutter invites has driven the stationary world where?

Perhaps with the growth in technology, people are aching for simplicity! With online stores and mass producing print shops, things have only gotten easier! Everything is at your fingertips or a click of a button. 

Clearly, technology has come a long way in terms of materials to print on. But contrary to technology, time has gone backwards because things like letter press, blind letterpress, hand-lettering and hand-written calligraphy, water-painting has definitely made a comeback. 

So, don’t fear the inability to be unique! And trends change so much so do your research and have fun! You can practically do anything you want now!

What should an invitation suite include??

Invitations should include – bare minimum – these few items:
1) RSVP card – especially when the wedding might require travel. Be sure to send this out with ample time for people to blackout the dates.

Wedding Invitation
3) Response/Reply Card + Self-Addressed Envelope Stamped Envelope or link to your wedding website for RSVP – don’t forget to include a RSVP by… date. These days, the response cards also has meal/food choices.
4) Reception information – this could be included in the wedding invitation or separately

1) Direction Cards –  if you have the ceremony and reception separately.
2) Gift suggestions
3) Accomodation Card – especially great for out-of-town guests

When should I send out the wedding invites?

10-12 months 
Order Save The Dates

8-10 months
Mail Save the Date Cards

4-6 months
Order invitations and thank you cards

2-3 months
Mail invitations

4-5 weeks
Order matching accessories (place cards, programs.. etc)

information from 

List of places to find free invitation samples (possibly only shipping cost) 

Basic Invite: https://www.basicinvite.com/custom-sample
I’ve partnered up with Basic Invite and for anyone who uses this code, you can get 20% off!
Here’s the post they sweetly asked me to write :). https://www.basicinvite.com/blog/blog/ax2d-photography-life-love-family-san-diego-california/ (it was before we changed our company name!   

Paper Culture
Shine Wedding Invitation
Seventh and Anderson
Magnet Street
Artifact Uprising
Fine Day Press

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  1. Mandy says:

    Great info! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cynthia says:

    Informative article! Wish this was around before my wedding years ago. We ultimately designed our own (I drew it) and printed it to glue onto postcards.

  3. Zinette says:

    This is such a wonderful resource! I love your style, your photos are beautiful❤️

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    This is wonderful information!!! I have been looking for something just like this! Thank you!!!

  5. Amy says:

    Cynthia.. oh me too. I made my own invitations. Not the best idea!

  6. Amy says:

    Awwwww.. thank you, you are incredibly sweet!

  7. Blak says:

    These flat lays are just beautiful! & such great info to share with brides!!

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