in love?

If you don't mind me saying, that's the feeling I believe you should have with your photographer

It's a scream at the top of your lungs.. 'I'VE FOUND THE ONE" type of thing! And that's the type of brides I love working with! It becomes an "I couldn't live without you type feeling as we talk - over coffee and dinner - all the plans you have for that one special day! 


I never expect that I would become good friends with my wedding photographer.  But, Amy's is worth it. Her work IS worth it. She has been the best decision I’ve made in all of this wedding decision making. 


Enneagram 2w1, Optimist, Bestie, Detailed- obsessed, Guide. 

I understand, fully, the absolute weight and magnitude in selecting the right photographer to capture your love story and wedding day perfectly. You've spent so much time planning your wedding day. ALL the minute details deserve to be meticulously preserved. You want to feel relief and even excitement when you hire your photographer – knowing you’ve made the perfect choice! You want the "Ah-ha" or "I've found the one" feeling with your photographer! 

Caring, Passionate, Authenitic, Warm and Comforting soul with great love for details. But most of all, she aims to bring out the true empowering beauty in all her clients. 


You are a loyal and devoted friend. Giver, not taker. You would drop everything you are doing to aid or be with people whom you love and cherish. You crave meaningful conversations with authentic people because you believe that time is short. But, at the same time you know how to have fun - creating memories that make you smile every time you think about them. 

You love your family because they made you who you are. And your wedding day is a celebration of them, as well as all the people who have brought you to the here and now. 

You are a seeker of authenticity. lover of culture & Legacy, travel, ADVENTURE, DELICIOUS FOOD, surrounded by good company & GREAT CONVERSATIONS, 

“ I highly recommend Amy for her attention to detail. I am always in awe by how she captures the beauty of her clients - especially the candid moments. She makes you feel beautiful and comfortable - while meticulously guiding you through the poses to draw out the true beauty of every person. The poses and the process of feeling beautiful reflects directly in the photos that she captures. That's the magic in her!!"


What you can expect from me is a wonderful
and flawless Experience from start to finish - that reassuring presence that makes you feel that everything will be Amazing!

“ One of my key beliefs is: you can always tell the pride of someone’s work, never before, sometimes during, and always after. And after seeing how all our photo’s came out, the pride and expertise of their photography spoke for themselves."


Connection and trust is so important. Expect coffee dates and even dinners together! I believe trust only comes from truly knowing each other. But more importantly, you'll know you'll be so well taken care of day-of! You'll know you'll have me on your side making your wedding day as flawless and amazing as possible!

By the end of your experience with me, hopefully we'll become close friends that you can trust will be there for you in the years to come! 

Connection & Trust


You've spent months deciding all the little intricate details for your wedding. Every single details deserves to be preserved. From the heirloom watch, flowers to the table decor - everything deserves to be remembered 

Every single minute details preserved in photos


Every wedding and special event deserves photos that are unique to you! And it’s never my story to tell, but your story. 

Uniquely-you Inspired Heirloom Photos


I don't believe photos should be stale. Photos should show the joy and the feelings during every single stage of life! I promise you the best versions of yourself! 

I promise fun, laughter and a lot of joy



All the


She worked nonstop the entire day to capture everything from the big picture to the little details that I barely had time to notice myself throughout the day. She was thorough and detailed and thoughtful. She captured everything that I wanted to remember from the wedding and kept us all on track throughout the day! 


I don't believe in one size fits all - especially for multicultural weddings! Multi-event wedding celebrations require a special touch so a standard wedding schedule or typical  time of celebration may not be applicable. 

Let's hop on a call - both to hear the beautiful vision of your wedding and to see whether we're a good fit! I would love to get to know you better! Afterwards I'll send a custom proposal unique to you and your vision of your wedding day! 

IF you don't see a time that works for you, please feel free to reach out to  inquire about a better time in the evening! Let's hop on a call! 

San Diego: My couples spend about $10-11.6K on their wedding packages.
LA/Northern California/International: $12.7-16.8K.


She didn't miss a thing! Most of all, she captured the heart, the essence and the joy that filled that day. She caught those special moment, those once in a lifetime expressions on the faces of the bride and groom and the family. When I look back at the pictures she took, I feel the joy and see the beauty that encompassed that day as though I was right back in that moment. 


100% I would (and have) recommended Amy! Never have I met a photographer that really takes the time to get know you. Not only is she personable but she also makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera. Her work is absolutely stunning. It’s hard to choose a favorite honestly. Amy is hands down top notch and worth working with!

Our Process

The first thing you will do is to pick the package that is perfect for you! Keep in mind that you can always add time to the day and the fee is listed above! 

This is where the fun part begins. We'll plan the outfits together to make sure the colors are perfect for the camera. 

And if this is something you deeply dread, I do have a professional stylist option. 

Pick a package

Sign Contract
+ Retrainer

Engagement  Session 

Contract will be sent out & retainer must be paid in full to secure date. Confirmation email will be sent out and we'll start planning! 

Engagement sessions are probably more for me than for you! But who wouldn't love pretty photos of themselves!

The engagement session It helps me understand how to take photos of you and your significant other! That way I'll be ready for your wedding day! 

Engagement Session Planning

Keep going


Think Neutrals, blush, tans, light pinks, faint blues and teals, creams, grays and whites.

Part of the thing I love most is to create a photography  timeline that will be perfect for your wedding day! It'll make use of the best light and also gives you comfort that you'll know exactly what its happening. 

if you have a planner, it will be finalized and okayed with the planner! 

The wedding day is done! Now what? Here is a timeline of photo delivery!
* 1 week - sneak peeks
* 4-6 weeks - gallery delivery

Timeline planning

Wedding Day

Wedding day will come so quick, but rest assured that I'm with you every step of the way! Let's have a beautiful day! 

Gallery Delivery

A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.”

Annie Leibovitz

secure your date

I can't wait to bring your beautiful vision to life.

We've tailored this proposal to your needs, but please feel free to email with any questions or to make alterations. 

- Amy Huang


Timeline guide

A photography centered timeline that gives you a good idea of how much time your wedding day needs to capture all the details and gorgeous memories!