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San Francisco Garden Engagement Portrait Session


This San Francisco Garden Engagement session has got to be one of my favorites of all time. Here’s a little background before I get to he story! 

This little park – Shakespeare Garden – is tucked away east of the greater part of the Golden Gate Park area of San Francisco! It was one of the many little gems that I wish I could explore more of – one day! 

San Francisco is such a treasure trove of beautiful places to photograph! I was so thankful to get this chance to explore a minute part of beautiful and historical San Francisco! 

The backstory to this San Francisco Garden Engagement Session!

For many years we prayed to God that someone would come along and love my brother the way he deserved. Like me, he always had a longing to find that one special person and to start a family! We just never knew when it would happen. Then one day, my mom was introduced to a girl – who happened to be her colleague’s sister. Two single people who were unattached or never seem to be able to find that one person. We didn’t expect much, just to give it a try. Who knew… because God knew exactly what my brother needed – someone who could love his odd little quirks and love him for who he really is! 

He finally found the one! This was one of the first times I got to spend time with her. It was love at first sight, even for me – and that was unexpected because I was an overprotective sister! I was happy that he was happy and she seemed – and still is – the sweetest and most patient person in the world!

This San Francisco Garden engagement session was from 6 years ago! 🙂 It’s an oldie, but it’s probably one of my best work – and especially close to my heart!

Bride and groom to be, holding each other and looking at each other by Amy Huang Photography a San Diego WEdding Photographer

Fast-foward 6 years!

These two are still happily married and are now proud parents of two healthy and thriving boys! Every time we see them, we wish we could have them close by. Maybe one day that will happen!

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