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Hi there! Welcome to the my blog, a journal about all the things I want to share with you! Stay a while and say hello!

Hi, I'm Amy

Intimate Santee Lakeside Wedding – Santee, CA

Apr 26, 2020

How we all found each other!

Small intimate Santee lakeside wedding seemed to be the fashion amongst my brides of last year! Rather than big weddings, my brides seem to like small intimate weddings. Perhaps that will be the trend these days!

The awesome thing about this wedding was that it became something quite familiar to me – due to the fact that this same year, we traveled all the way to Mammoth Lakes for another small lakeside wedding!

Most noteworthy thing about it all is that each story is so unique. Both stories started out very different. One wedding was the union of our long-time close friends. In contrast, the other was a marriage of total strangers to us! Although, they both ended the same in that we’ve all become really good friends!

This is where I love wedding photography… meeting new people and being able to call them my friends in the end! 

How it all began!

About August of 2019, one of my sweetest and greatest friend Jamie Wood, messaged me about an acquaintance of theirs looking for a wedding photographer for their daughter’s wedding.

This story has a lot of ironic situations that really shows the power of God in guiding people together. So.. back to the story. Jaime messages me and I contact the person she wanted to introduce me to – who was Judy! The funny thing is, Judy wouldn’t have seen any photos of mine or have any reason to ask of me if I didn’t just take photos of Jamie and her husband just weeks before! This portrait session of Jaime’s was something I’ve been wanting to do – for her – for these past 6 years!  And… ironically, everything happened at the right time and I was able to do these photos for them! Jaime & Jeff’s photos became our common link! And because of them, I made a precious new friend! 

(a side note… Jamie is a sensational woman’s motivational speaker.. and if you ever need someone to speak on being a woman of God and a woman of character, she it the person who you would want to invite! Here’s her personal link ❤ –  https://www.jamieadelewood.com/)

The conversations begin!

Judy and I started messaging back and forth. I found out that, apparently weeks before, she started praying with her husband for guidance on who to find for their small, intimate Santee lakeside wedding for her daughter! She wanted someone special, and didn’t know where to start. I happened to do that portrait session and she fell in love with my work. Maybe it was the joy and fun that reflected in Jaime and Jeff’s photos that caught her eye! But, it was definitely God sent!

She asked me if I was available, and I said yes! And we began to plan and talk! We met up for dinner and I got to know about her and her family. I wanted to learn more so I knew what to expect when I met her daughter. When I met Nicole, I felt like we immediately clicked!

! I met a confident, young lady who was full of life, spirit and so much fun! I was thankful that God brought us together and I was able to help her and her family document their beautiful day! 

So.. without further ado, here is their rustic, DIY, budget friendly, small intimate Santee lakeside wedding – at a lake that kind of transports you out of San Diego for just a moment!

Pink Flower and Wedding Dress

Firstlook… and Bride-Groom Portraits


She’s quite the hoot! 😀 A great sense of humor and they really love to play and have fun! 

Nicole in her Vintage Wedding Dress

intimate lakeside wedding

Intimate Lakeside Wedding Moment
Wedding Vows and a Sweet Moment
Marcus's Wedding Vows
Marcus and Nicole's Wedding Ring
Exchanging of Wedding Rings
Wedding Kiss
Nicole Putting on Marcus' Wedding Ring
Married Cheer!

The brother of the bride is a cheesemaker in Michigan! Go check them out: https://www.ordercheesepeoplemi.com/. They delivery internationally :D!
& Tacos… by Frida’s Tacos


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