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Gizdich Ranch U-pick

Jul 13, 2019

This weekend, we went on a whole family get-together up north in Gilroy, CA. Before we arrived to our “family celebration/reunion” destination, we stopped by a berry picking place in Watsonville, CA. I was halfly not thrilled – due to the fact that I had other places I wanted to be. But I was also excited, because I’ve never been berry picking before! I’m glad we made it! I’m also glad that I brought my camera with me – first time in many years.


The entrance to Gizdich was definitely deceiving – excuse my iPhone photo.

Nevertheless, we walked in to find our family. The strawberry farm was wide open and had amazingly so many strawberries. You don’t see it at first, but when you squat down to take a closer look, there were strawberries everywhere. They were so, incredibly good. The awesome thing about berry picking is that you get exactly what you want. If you want sweet and ripe berries, you get sweet berries and nothing else.

Blackberries, Boysenberries & Olallieberry: Don’t pick the red ones, pick only the ones that are ENTIRELY blue/black.

After the strawberry picking, we went to the other field to pick: blackberries, boysenberries & olallieberry. We gave up on the blackberries – because they were harder to pick. Most of the blackberries were gone already, so we decided to start picking boysenberries and olallieberries. These last two were the most delicious! The most, was definitely the olallieberry. It was so yummy that my two younger kids couldn’t stop eating them. In the end, my son takes his basket to the register and says “I’m sorry, my basket is empty because I ate all my berries”.

Review of Gizdich

Totally worth it to go to! We would go back again! The people there, who serviced the huts, were really nice. We stayed till the very last minute and picked such delicious berries. My daughter (1.5/2 yo) loved it, the berries were easy to pick – so easy she ate them all – and very well maintained. The price of the berries was affordable. And there is a store, not too far away from the fields, that sells their famous Gizdich apple juice – which was delicious – and also pies. The prices are listed here on their website: https://www.gizdich-ranch.com/u-pick. 

Directions to Gizdich can be found here 🙂 https://www.gizdich-ranch.com/new-page

Excuse the iPhone photo! 🙂


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