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Hi, I'm Amy

Refined Presets KT Merry – How it simplified my workflow

Jun 3, 2021

In this post I wanted to cover a few things! 
1) How Refined Presets KT Merry transformed my work
2) What my beliefs were about presets – previous to understanding them
3) How I was able to simplify my workflow – reducing my editing time from 3-4 months to less than/up to 1 month


Refined Presets KT Merry

Now before I talk about Refined Presets KT Merry, I want to say that I am writing this on my own accord! I’m writing this because I FINALLY love everything I’m creating.

 I would love to shout it out, on the mountain top, that I’m FINALLY happy with what I’m creating! 

I once believe presets removed the individuality& uniqueness of a photographer…

It was a struggle, at the beginning. I wanted to be unique. Somehow, I believed that presets would remove that individuality and uniqueness that all photographers strive for. 

In truth, I just never sat down to think what presets would do for me. How wrong I was. 

Photo edited by Refined Preset KT Merry, a sample of before and after application of a preset onto a photo.


Presets get you from A to B much faster.

In reality, presets gets you from point A to point B faster! And when you find that preset that fits the story and picture you want to paint, you stick with it! 

Granted, your work will evolve! And that’s okay! But, that’s where a good preset comes into play. 

A good preset will support you – as your photography and skills evolve. Eventually, you’ll find yourself shooting with your preset in mind! 

Like Martha at Refined Co. said once, you start shooting thinking something like “oh, KT Merry’s preset will make this photo blow out… gotta underexpose this photo a bit so the preset won’t blow it out when applied!”

Why did I end up with KT Merry?

So, for me, when I finally understood the power of presets, I went around it in a round about way. I tried making an already established preset into my own. It didn’t work. 

So, I searched far and wide and landed on Refined Co.! I first started with RefinedCo’s Caroline Tran. But, when I discovered KT Merry‘s work, and joined her The Abundance Plan (TAP), I slowly gravitated towards her presets. 

I loved the softness of KT’s photos. Her photos gave off a painterly feel! When looking at her photos, it almost looks like they are from a dream… or at least not of this world. This was the direction I felt myself going. 

Photo edited by Refined Preset KT Merry of a beautiful bride holding a bouquet and laughing towards the side of the camera.
Photo edited by Refined Preset KT Merry of a bride wiping her hair away, focus on the ring and with her face delicately blurred.
Photo edited by Refined Preset KT Merry of a Beautiful Bride holding a neutral colored bouquet with gold roses.


Finally discovering myself…

But mind you, presets do not take away the work. Presets are a support system. In order for presets to work – optimally – you have to improve your work! 

Improving your work reducess the amount of work post-processing. And a quick rule of thumb is, if you can get your photos 98-99% perfect out of camera.. you’re almost there! Simply apply the preset, tweak, and you have the photo you desire! 

Just simply understanding how to properly take photos has pushed me from 3-4 months of editing into only one, if not less than one month! Simply speaking, I didn’t have much to edit but the colors themselves.

No more taking out objects. No more mentality of “I can fix this later”. Why create more work for yourself? Knowing your surroundings and pick the most beautiful! 

How can you be unique when 1000+ of others have the same preset?

But, you may ask, how does buying Refined presets KT Merry, allow you to be unique? Especially considering the fact that thousands of people own the same preset? Well.. your photography, your interactions, your direction, lighting, camera, location, models, time of day, seasons… ALL THAT is unique only to you! 

Just as if you have 200-300 people at a styled shoot, all taking photos of the similar set-ups, there will not be one photo identical to the next. Everyone’s take on the moment will be different! 

Photo edited by Refined Preset KT Merry of a bride and groom with a beautiful mountain and wide open space in the background.

Venue @hideaway_hill_vista | Planner @simplepicnics | Photography @kloseupphotography | Cinematography @cineventpro | Make up @feliciaanne | Models @cristinalynnlennon @mrpatricklennon | Food @ramanathan_mann | Bar @authenticcocktails | Dress @katiemaycollection | Concept @helloprettyevents + @adorning.yourspace

There is only one you!

There is only one you. Every person’s experience is different and every person’s point of view is different. Just keep on growing. Making your life more simpler – and not working harder. 

That’s what presets are for! Presets help simplify your workflow! Not to mention, presets make it possible for editors to know where to approach your photos from! If you ever need an external editor for your work, a preset will make it easier for them as well! 

With KT – her education and a truly edifying and encouraging community – I saw my work grow in  ways I never dreamed of.  Being surrounded by so many talented, yet humble people, I saw my eyes opened to all that could be! 

And with hard work and even more education on top of TAP – specifically D’arcy Benincosa’s Profitable Portfolio, my artistry got to the point where other people and wedding vendors started wanting to work with me because of my photos. 

And this is where I’m standing right now. With work I’m proud of, and a road ahead that I’m excited to explore! 

Refined Preset KT Merry changed my work and.. it could probably change yours too! 

HI, I’m Amy and I am a San Diego wedding photographer that loves serving people who are genuine, fun and yearns for a photographer that doesn’t just scratch the surface but can truly understand, bring out and authentically tell the love story that is unique to every couple!

To get to know me more, go to my About ME page! And to see my latest work, go to my Instagram & Facebook!

And if you ever need me for anything, please feel to DM me or drop a note in the contact form

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