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Family Portraits – Why it’s so important

Oct 6, 2021

Family Portraits

Family portraits are SO IMPORTANT. I know it’s easy to pass a year by without thinking about this, but time really does just creep up on you. Before you know it, your kids are 18 years old and they’re moving out of college. 

If you were to look back at it all, do you even remember what they looked like on their first day of school kindergarten? How about when they turned 13 – when you were having so much trouble with them challenging you at every turn? 

Let’s face it… our memory simply just SUCK!

And I mean this in just the best way. Our memories just suck and we can’t do anything about it. With so much to remember from the day to day, it’s hard for us to keep things in our mind. 

And in all honesty, that’s probably why cell phones have advanced so far! It’s the need to hold onto the memories! Technology has advanced so much to help keep us on our toes – to remind us of all the things that we forget! 

And because we forget things, that’s why family portraits are soooo important. 

But, I know I know… it’s SOOOO hard to coordinate a whole entire family, for one hour, to be in front of a photographer.  And I get this excuse all the time… 

We have so much MORE important stuff to do.
We don’t have time for photos

But what if I told you the story of a little boy who had his school photos taken and a week later, dies from a tragic accident? What now? Are you still going to say “I don’t have time for photos?” And you know, this story just happened. And my heart goes to that family. 

That’s why I push for family photos every year! We can never know!  

Anytime is the right time

So, treasure the moments and memories – even when kids are small and it seems more of a chore! But, you know, it’s this period that is the most important because kids change so much within a year! And you won’t even notice until you look at your photos. 

I promise you, with me, you’ll have photos that speak of the period and stage of like you’re in! 🙂 And, I guarantee, there will be one or two photos where everyone looks like they are having the most amazing time! 

You don’t need to wait till the holidays – although it’s a good excuse. Anytime is a good time! 

If you are interested in booking a session with me, let’s get on a call! Or… simply book a session with me! Go take a look at my portrait section! 

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HI, I’m Amy and I am a San Diego wedding photographer that loves serving people who are genuine, fun and yearns for a photographer that doesn’t just scratch the surface but can truly understand, bring out and authentically tell the love story that is unique to every couple!

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