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April 30, 2024


San Diego Wedding Photographer

Erin and George are two of the loveliest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. From our first phone call, I just knew they were my people. And, when they told me their plans for their wedding day, it made this San Diego Wedding Photographer’s heart burst with excitement.

Picture this, a nice easy San Diego courthouse wedding before the main event. A fun walk through downtown San Diego with your photographer bestie and removing the butterflies in your stomach. While also getting your marriage license taken care of while being surrounded by family and friends. All the while, you get to enjoy being married for a moment before going to your formal event.

To say I was pleased would be the understatement of the year. Erin and George’s energy was so magnetic that it didn’t matter where they got married in San Diego, they were going to light up the place. Fortunately, Erin and George’s main event was a traditional Chinese Ceremony at the highly recommended Julep Venue. A little-known jewel of San Diego County.

Away from the administration building and now at the Julep Venue, Erin and George’s special day continued in beautiful displays of culture and love.

Traditional Chinese Ceremony

Erin changed into the Qipao, a traditional red Chinese wedding gown and the newly married couple read their vows to one another. After doing so, they paid their respects to their families and treated them to the traditional tea ceremony. It was so beautiful, the tears just wouldn’t stop flowing from all the guests. (Myself included!)

Wedding Photography has been such a long-time passion for me and it still gets me every time. From a simple license ceremony just a few hours earlier to a beautiful rendition of a tradition that dates back millennia. The awe of that will always hold a grip on me.

But, enough about me and more about these two stars that lit up Southern California’s night sky.

After the passing of respects were had, the guests were treated to cocktail hour while we took family photos. Julep Venue is an indoor and outdoor venue. So, if one wanted an outdoor ceremony, they could. But, Erin and George chose to keep theirs inside while the guests got to enjoy the patio bar.

With family photos complete, we came back inside for the couple’s cake-cutting. A beautiful round cake that captured quite beautifully, if I do say so myself!

To Dance or Not To Dance

Then finally, the couple made their official entrance and shared their first dance. Though, from knowing Erin and George, it was only the first dance of many to come. With so much energy and love pouring between them, it wasn’t long until every other person was on the dance floor behind them.

The party went on with light dancing and displays of affection and love throughout the rest of the evening. It was such a classy and perfect evening for a wonderful couple. All made so beautiful by the always wonderful Made By Connie. Her team designed a perfect space for Erin and George to share such a lovely evening with so many loved ones.

So, when you are personally thinking of a San Diego courthouse wedding, remember it doesn’t have to be a simple civil ceremony with county administration. You can make it something magical carry it with you for the rest of your lives.



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San Diego Courthouse Wedding

San Diego Wedding Photographer

San Diego Wedding Photographer
San Diego Wedding Photographer

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