5 Tips for Wedding Planning – How to Jumptstart Your Planning!

August 10, 2020


Here, I would love to share with you 5 Tips for Wedding Planning – or more so, 5 tips to get you started on your wedding planning journey! 

Part of being in the wedding industry is partnering with different vendors! Not only is it fun to partner with people you get along with – really well – but it’s also to share knowledge in different fields that we’ve become an expert in! 

Heidi has been an unbelievable friend to me. So much so that I feel like I’ve known her my whole life! It’s these connections that makes being in this industry so amazing! Not only did I gain a partner in crime, but also a wonderful and very fun friend to bounce ideas off of and to even grow and encourage each other!

I messaged her yesterday night with the question “What 5 tips would you give a bride in regards to wedding planning? This was her answers + more! 

H.events was created by Heidi Johnson a Wedding & Events Coordinator from San Diego California.

After years of working in the restaurant industry – working from the bottom up – she reached the point of managing a whole restaurant. But then COVID hit – a blessing in disguise. She finally had the time to find and pursue what she loves most!

As a wedding and event coordinator, she focuses on fun and flair. But, her goal is to create an awesome party… anywhere! Whether it be organizing a celebration of life, love, an intimate dinner party, to a baby shower-H.events does it all.

H.Events Wedding & Event Coordinating
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Research & Explore

Research & explore wedding venues with your partner! Find a place where you can you envision your perfect day! Think of the places you love to spend your free time at – whether it be a quick getaway or somewhere near by – and look around that area for somewhere you can envision saying “I Do” with your partner! And when you find that venue, get a date on the books and start your wedding planning!


Hire a wedding planner!A wedding planner will assist in organizing your wedding. They will help bring your ideas and dreams to life. They will help you manage your budget, and keep you zoned into your vision of that perfect day! Wedding planners have a list of vendors that have been time tested – they know these vendors are reliable and do a marvelous job! 


Time to list and organize!

Complete these key lists to stay on the wedding planning track.
1) Guest lists, 2) Vendor lists & 3) Music lists.

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Schedule your trial sessions!Schedule your engagement session with the photographer you love best! Pick a photographer whose style speaks to you – both in color and in emotions and feel! Most importantly, pick a photographer who you feel like you can be best friends with! This is an exciting time to be celebrated and the engagement session will give you the foundation and relationship that you’ll need for perfect and beautiful wedding day photos!
Schedule a catering & dessert tasting with your partner. Even during COVID, a lot of caterers and bakeries are doing takeout tasting sets and one on one ZOOM consultations to go through all the selections!
Schedule a wedding dress try-on session!  Schedule a consultation with your florist!


Have fun!

This is a beautiful time to celebrate each other. Your party, your rules. Do what makes you the happiest. Don’t ever feel like you have to please everyone – you can’t! It’s your day! Make it a day to celebrate you two and 

Those are our 5 Tips For wedding planning! We know it isn’t an easy task but one of my major advice for this season of life is… ask for help and be willing to rely on others. Wedding planning shouldn’t be done by one person. It should be a joint effort! Don’t leave yourself feeling alone! 


To get our Year-TO-DO Wedding Planning Checklist

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HI, I’m Amy and I am a San Diego wedding photographer that loves serving people who are genuine, fun and yearns for a photographer that doesn’t just scratch the surface but can truly understand, bring out and authentically tell the love story that is unique to every couple!

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