10 things your photographer…. may be too polite to tell you!

July 4, 2020


I wanted to share with you 10 things that your photographer may be too polite to tell you. But these are 10 things that make my job easier and your wedding photos more beautiful! 

Take the photo above… see anything wrong? Let’s start with that!!!


You can’t believe how much it makes my day when couples decide to have an unplugged ceremony!!

Simply speaking it keeps people from pulling out their iPad Pro (it’s huge… I know), iPhones or cameras and sticking them into the aisle – possibly blocking the main photographer from a beautiful moment or shot! Granted, you could tell everyone ahead of the time, and still, not all will follow the rules! But most will! Whether it be a sign or an announcement once everyone is seated before the ceremony begins, simply ask for your guests to “enjoy the ceremony to the fullest by putting away all electronics and silencing your cell phones.” Maybe a ” photos will be shared with them after the wedding” might be a good thing because I think people don’t think they’ll ever see the photos!


No need to be shy in front of the camera because I don’t ever expect you to be able to pose or look like a model in front of the camera! 

I promise you, I don’t bite! πŸ˜€ And I completely understand how being in front of the camera is not an easy thing! In all honesty, I hate being in front of the camera as well! It’s not natural and, if you don’t believe it, I probably look and act pretty awkward in front of the camera! 

Granted, because I have knowledge of how to pose others, posing myself is easier – albeit, I might still look awkward because I don’t move as easily or as gracefully as a model would! Maybe I need to practice in front of a mirror! 

No worries though! That’s why I’ve written all these blogs for my brides or brides-to-be to know, be prepared and learn the basics of posing! And I will definitely help out a lot in directing and making you laugh and smile! Before your session, go check some of the poses I cover!

<< Go check our our 5-day posing guide!!!


We will never EVER give our RAW photos away. They are worth too much to us! And honestly… you might not be able to see our full vision until it’s edited.

Our raw photos may not seem like much. That’s another reason why I don’t normally show the back of the camera! Sometimes… what we see… maybe not be immediately seen on the photo taken on the camera. As much as I try my best to get photos almost 99% great in camera, some magic won’t be done until I go home and edit your photos. 

So don’t ask a photographer to give you raw photos. It’s like asking them to give you the flour, sugar and vanilla – for a cake. Or…. asking an artist to give you a painting – but all you want is the outline of the painting and not the full work done – all the layers of colors, the depth, and shadows that makes it a work of art! 


Can I save money by not doing the engagement session? I don’t think we really need it! 

The engagement session is SOOO important! Not only does it give me the opportunity to get to know you more – actually in person – it helps me understand how to work with you – both on a more intimate level and also in building trust with you. There’s more time to talk and to interact and to know each other in a more personal way! It’s also a great way to see how you and your honey interact with each other!

The engagement session is a warm-up session and a great time to practice all those posing tips I’d be offering you and it’s also a great time to just relax, be yourself and let me capture and tell the story of THE TWO OF YOU… in a more raw and informal form vs. the business and the quickness of a wedding day! 


It’s so easy to buy a camera! Anyone can be a photographer! Why pay so much money to hire one when you can get one for half the price.

It’s like saying I have a knife, that means I can open a restaurant! Running a photography business isn’t just about taking photos with a camera. It’s about building trust, a relationships and becoming an expert at what you do.

Without going into full details – which I do in another blog post – let me tell you that I walk with my brides all the way from near the beginning of their wedding planning – from start to way past finished – some 2-3 months after the wedding after it’s over. For every hour during the wedding day, I spend about 1-2 hrs editing your photos. And that’s in addition to sending emails out to brides, maintaining my blog, keeping up with my bride group on Facebook, working with other brides, posting on Instagram.. it’s not just simply a 9-5 job. If I don’t stop myself from my work, I probably would forget to eat meals or even take care of my family and kids.

<< My blog post on why photographers cost so much


Treat your vendors like they are family and they will give you their absolute best during the wedding day!

Treat your photographer like they are part of the family. With all the time I spend with my clients, a lot do this naturally. But, be sure to treat your vendors well. Feed them meals. Let them eat, offer snacks or water. Give them a good drink! Ask them how they are doing! Care about them!  They need to eat just as much as you do – especially during a long day! Don’t worry, there won’t be a moment missed. Especially when there are two photographers, we tend to tag team during important parts of the reception – meaning one will eat while the other covers anything important. 


Pinterest  for inspiration, but please don’t ask us to copy it 100%. Make it you!

When we ask for you to send Pinterest photos that inspire you or the types of photos you are hoping to capture, we do mean it as inspiration. Please don’t ask us to copy it 100%. Make it you by adding a twist! Personalize it and make it yours!

Same goes for your wedding and wedding planning! The photos you see may be from a wedding that cost upwards of $100K… heck it might even be a million dollar wedding!! Leave it as inspiration and don’t get into a comparison game! Rest assured, my job is to make your wedding look beautiful and as elegant as possible – even if you are planning a budget wedding! 


Be sure to add extra time throughout the wedding day schedule!!! Take into account traffic, travel and also other vendors working over time or things just not showing up! 

Planning extra time throughout the day and giving a good ample amount of time in the schedule can be a game-changer in terms of a wedding day going smoothly! When things and events start to collide, that’s when stress arises. By adding extra time throughout the day – the day runs much more smoothly and become more stress-free. A stress-free day leads to a happy couple. And if the couple is happy, the photos are wonderful and beautiful! I’m sorry….. but I cannot photoshop bridezilla out. That’s another reason why having a wedding day-of planner or a wedding planner helps soothe all problems without having to bother the lovely couple that are getting married! Mind you… adding extra time and padding also leads to a happy photographer because I’ll get to take EXTRA pictures of you without the fear that the lack of time will impede on creativity and our ability to get that “EPIC” shot! 

A great little tip… give your wedding day schedule to all your wedding party!! Make sure they know where they need to be… so you don’t end up having someone drinking beer 15 minutes away when they were supposed to be getting ready for photos or be at the actual ceremony :P!!


BE PREPARED! There are about 6 things i require of the bride during the wedding day! 

Day of, there are only a few things I require of the bride in the morning!

1) please hand me a two boxes full of details – one for the bride and one for the groom! For the bride, an example is a full invitation suite, WEDDING & ENGAGEMENT RINGS, earrings, jewelry, family heirloom, something blue, perfume bottle, wedding shoes and WEDDING DRESSS already hanging overnight). For the guys an example would be the suit, tie/bowtie, shoes, rings, flask, old-fashioned stylish watch (not an Apple Watch), cufflinks.. etc! 
2) FLOWERS…. please have the florist deliver all the flowers first thing in the morning! Extra petals and flowers is always appreciated – especially for the flatlays and wedding detail photos! 
3) KEEP THE BRIDE’S GETTING READY ROOM completely spotless and photo ready! I will no photoshop things out like water bottles or plates of food! 
4) Make sure you get a good night sleep the day before! Getting enough sleep makes such a big impact on how your day-of will go! Not to mention.. bags under your eyes is not fun for the make-up artist! 
5) Someone needs to be designated to care for the bride! This person will be there to remind the bride to eat properly, escort her and help her during the “First Look”, and.. you may even need to help her use the bathroom possibly! 
6) Bring your smiles and laughs! And as much as you want to keep your wedding dress white… don’t be afraid to make it dirty!!! You will only be able to wear it once! Wear it to your fullest and have the most fun! 

last but not least… #10Choose a wedding photographer that you envision being best friends with for the rest of your life!

For me personally, I don’t want to just be your wedding photographer, on your wedding day, and that’s it! I want to see you married! Then… I want to see you have your first child… and the second or third! πŸ™‚ I want to see you again for your family photos! And… maybe, even for your vow renewal 10-20 years later!! 

Let me be a part of your life! After all… we’ll be spending so much time chatting away about your wedding day… let’s grow old together! Have coffee randomly one day! Go out to dinner and explore the food world together! πŸ˜€

If you are willing to invest in me (buying prints, canvases from us instead of giving money to Costco)…. I will invest in you! πŸ˜€ Take a photo with me before the night is done so we’ll have a momento to remember years after!

So those are the 10 things that wedding photographers may be too polite to tell you.. and in all honesty, I wish all my couples to knew! If you haven’t booked me yet but are planning to book me, these are some things that I hope that you will take to heart as you continue wedding planning! And even if we don’t work out, remember this for when you start working with your photographer.. perhaps these are also 10 things that your photographer may be too polite to tell you!

For extra fun and more on this topic… Cheryl & Shea has a list of 33 that is totally unfiltered version but chalk-full of really great FYI!!
They are a wedding planner team based out of Austin, Texas! 
–> GO to their list!! πŸ˜€ 
(They even have tips on the proper bra to wear! πŸ˜‰ )

  1. Alicia says:

    Great points! Especially the Pinterest one- it’s never okay to copy someone else’s work 100% and it limits a photographers perspective!

  2. Josefin says:

    Loved this list! And everything is soooo true! πŸ™‚

  3. Jennifer says:

    I love that comment about having the knife and opening the restaurant! That makes so much sense and people don’t seem to realized that expertise is the “invisible” value you pay for! Somehow with wedding photography people assume that the quality will be the same if they pay less.

  4. Monica says:

    Great tips! It’s important to schedule in buffer time. Little things always pop up on wedding day so it’s great to have time for those just in case moments.

  5. Ashley McKee says:

    This. Is. Gold. Well done!

  6. theresa says:

    150% number 1. SOOOOO true.

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