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As a San Diego photographer and a mother, photos are not meant to be stuck on the computer! They are meant to be printed and put on the walls to enjoy throughout the day! Aside from encouraging my clients to print their photos, I want to add a little something addition to your walls! 

Being a photographer, I travel up and down San Diego quite often! And through the years, I’ve collected a small collection of photos that, I feel, show the  beautiful little nooks and crannies that make San Diego so beautiful!

Slowly but surely, I’m expanding into all across California and perhaps across the world! 

But for now, here are some of my favorite places in San Diego and a little beyond!! 

Come Take a look!

These galleries will be constantly updated with new photos that I feel are worth framing! 

And to keep up with all my work, come visit me in my other locations where I update more often! 



Amy Huang Photography holding a Nikon Z6 camera photos by The Fourniers of a wedding phtoographer in San Diego

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