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Wedding Stylist Highlight – Angel Tan a San Diego Wedding/Bridal Stylist.

Beautiful vintage wedding dress | Photo by Amy Huang Photography, a San Diego Wedding Photographer | styled by wedding stylist Angel Tan

There is so much you can learn in the world of weddings, and a wedding stylist is one of those terms that  begs the question “what is that?” 

You undoubtedly have heard of wedding planners and wedding coordinators. Those terms are commonplace in the wedding industry.

Did you know… each of the terms have their own unique definitions – taking on the unique differences between a planner (long-term) vs a coordinator (short-term).  

But there is one terms that you don’t hear often. And this term is a wedding stylist.

What is a wedding stylist?

A wedding stylist takes on the wedding as one huge puzzle piece. Every part of the wedding is complementary to the other – from the jewelry to the silverware.  And just like the individual colors of a painting are combined to create a master piece – they makes sure your wedding is a masterpiece! 

And that is exactly what Angel does! 

Not only is she obsessed with decor – she has connections for wedding dresses and also for custom suits! She is the best of both worlds – having a great sense of fashion style as well as taste in what looks great for decor! You can’t beat this combination!

beautiful bride in a antique dress and a dry bouquet by Amy Huang Photography, a San Diego Photographer styled by wedding stylist Angel Tan

Styled by: Angel Tan | Makeup by: Zhenyamua Bridal | Model: Theresa D. Hooker

Words from the real-deal...

I could probably keep on creating analogies to tell you just how awesome hiring one is, but it’s better to hear directly from the expert herself! 

A San Diego wedding stylist dressed in a lavender suit and a hat, photo by Amy Huang Photography a San Diego Wedding Photographer

What does a Wedding/Bridal Stylist do?

by Angel Tan

1) Helps you find your wedding dress and custom suit/tuxedo
2) Listens to your style cues
3) Understands your vision
4) Develops a cohesive look, to create your dream wedding
5) Finds the best vendors that fit your style & budget
6) Helps you design & decide your invitations, tablescapes, colors, florals, decor, linen, flatware

And, the best thing about us is that all our styling packages includes coordination service.

To Contact Angel for Wedding Styling: 
Instagram: Angel Tan 
Phone: 858-333-9262

HI, I’m Amy and I am a San Diego wedding photographer that loves serving people who are genuine, fun and yearns for a photographer that doesn’t just scratch the surface but can truly understand, bring out and authentically tell the love story that is unique to every couple!

To get to know me more, go to my About ME page! And to see my latest work, go to my Instagram & Facebook!

And if you ever need me for anything, please feel to DM me or drop a note in the contact form

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